About Paw Pad

Praying for Paws

Our owner, Carol Kelly, founded 501c3 nonprofit animal rescue Praying for Paws in 2005 to save homeless dogs from being euthanized at pet shelters. Her passion and effort has put over a thousand local dogs in their forever homes.

Carol noticed a need for a high-quality lodging option for area pet owners, so she opened The Paw Pad in McDonough, GA as a way to support her rescue efforts. All profit at the Paw Pad goes directly to saving the lives of homeless dogs in Henry County!

We take in homeless dogs and provide them with a vet visit, updated vaccines, and microchips to get them ready for adoption. Our staff trainer even helps shape our rescues into perfect pets. Many of our dogs are owner surrenders, but we also work with local animal control and shelters.

We’ve teamed up with other Georgia animal rescue organizations to spread information, work with the community, and extend our reach to animals in need across the state. Some of our efforts include low-cost spay clinics and foster programs.

Some Praying for Paws rescues stay at the Paw Pad until finding their forever homes. Next time you stop by, say hi to the animals whose lives you’re saving!

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Paw Pad Entrance and Team

We're proud to be a green business!

We are the greenest pet boarding and daycare facility in Georgia. Here are a few ways we strive to reduce our carbon “pawprint.”

  • 14 solar panels on our roof produce power used every day
  • 10 skylights allow natural light to illuminate the facility in daytime
  • A water collection system repurposes rainwater for cleaning and maintenance
  • Energy-saving appliances include our washer/dryer, refrigerators and dishwasher
  • The “Fresh-Aire” paint used in the office area contains no dangerous compounds and improves air quality
  • All employees are encouraged to recycle, with collection bins in common areas

Schedule Your Pet’s Boarding Or Daycare Reservation Today

Call us today to schedule your pets reservation!

Leaf Green

We Are Green

We are the greenest boarding facility in Georgia. You can even ask for a tour and our pack leaders will show you our state-of-the-art, energy efficient facility. Here are our greenest features:

  • 14 solar panels on our roof and all power that is produced is used daily.
  • Geothermal converter provides the power for heating and air conditioning the administration area.
  • 10 skylights that allow natural light to illuminate the facility during the day! Dogs love basking in the sun and the natural light.
  • A water collection system that uses the gutter system, a large storage underground container, a pump and faucet, allows collection of all rain water from the heavens; The water is stored underground and used to clean the outside play yards every day, water outside plants. Water is available for outside use even during droughts.
  • Energy-saving appliances are used at The Paw Pad! Our washer/dryer, refrigerators and dishwasher are energy savers.
  • All employees are encouraged to recycle using collection bins in our break room! One aluminum can will go from recycling back to the store shelves in just 60 days and saves enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours.
  • "Fresh-Aire" paint was used in the office area. This special paint has no VOCs thus improving air quality and avoiding dangerous vapors.
  • The Paw Pad strives to decrease our carbon "paw"print.