Dog Daycare

Our Delightful Dog Daycare

  • Paw Pad guests enjoy a combined 12,000 square feet of play space
  • Our five outdoor yards have doggie turf- artificial grass that prevents muddy paws
  • Mother Nature won’t rain on your pet’s parade: we have spacious indoor play areas as well!
  • Come summertime, we fill up our bone-shaped pools for a splashing good time
  • State-of-the-art doggie playground equipment make both our outdoor and indoor play areas super fun & exciting
Paw Pad Dog Daycare

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Paw Pad Dog Park

Safety is Our Priority

  • All daycare staff must pass a thorough training program in off-leash group play, and groups are supervised 100% of the time
  • Playgroups are separated by size for the comfort & safety of all guests
  • Recorded video surveillance allows our staff to monitor all areas of our facility
  • Superior security systems protect both our indoor and outdoor spaces
  • All areas are sanitized daily by our central cleaning system using only pet-safe cleaning agents

Schedule Your Pet’s Boarding Or Daycare Reservation Today

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Paw Pad Dog Daycare Running

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Pet parents are increasingly enrolling in doggie daycare for a variety of benefits:

  • Increase your dog’s social skills. Daycare lends a supervised environment where your dog can get exposure to other dogs and develop social skills. Studies show that dogs raised with proper socialization grow to be more confident and better-behaved.
  • It’s a stimulating, diverse play space. You’ll no longer worry if your four-legged family member is bored or lonely at home. Surrounded by new friends, your dog will enjoy countless games and activities. Whether it’s in the play yards or summertime at the pool, our guests are free to live it up under the supervision of our loving staff.
  • It’s good exercise. Dogs left alone all day are more likely to become overweight, which can lead to a lot of major health issues. Playing all day lets your dog burn off his extra energy and calories, leaving you with a sleepy, satisfied dog at your feet come nighttime.

Why is Socialization So Important

Dogs are social animals by nature’s design, and we at the Paw Pad understand the significance of proper socialization. Our guests are separated into playgroups with like-sized dogs for the ultimate in good company and safety. Daycare guests learn while they play under the careful watch of our staff.

Socialization has a profound effect on your dog’s confidence. It helps him process new information and experiences in a healthy, functional way. Though starting socialization early in puppyhood gives your dog a head start, social training benefits dogs of all ages.
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I'm no 'Expert' by any means but in my humble opinion and the opinion's of my pooches, it just doesn't get much better than the Paw Pad. I've done my research and so far I am the only person that provides better care of my babies than the folks at the Paw Pad. However, seeing is believing, don't take my word for it, drop by and check it out for yourself!

– Bonnie B. (CitySearch User)